14. July 2015 - BBC (radio): The Hang Drum Phenomenon – Evelyn Glennie

Last Updated on 11. December 2021

Evelyn Glennie explores the extraordinary story of a new percussion instrument – the Hang.



Glennie: “even the softest touch has a resonance”

Felix Rohner: ” We studied instruments like the gong (…) We learned a lot (…). We tried a lot of materials.”

Manu Delago: “2004 it was easy to get a Hang, cause nobody knew it.”

Daniel Waples: “i was overwhelmed by so many instruments (…) I was sleeping in the workshop (…) I remember Felix saying that he was looking forward to see what other people make in honour of the Hang” .
“Handpans are an example when many instruments are coming together”.

Glennie: “This vast community has been galvanized by a new generation of makers that are now building their own handpans inspired by the work of PANArt

Waples: “There is a lot of legal issues going on behind the scenes.”

Kyle Cox (Pantheon Steel):“It changes the landscape in a healthy way (…) there is variety, and not just one way (…) I read a publication by PANArt where it says : We need more Hangmakers in the world”.

Notice: Min.7: Steelpan and Hang are played together (very rare!!)
Notice: Min. 13: Manu Delago playing with Evelyn Glennie


Note: The Hangdrum term is again established – here by BBC