2002 - Term “Hangdrum” appears 2002

Last Updated on 11. December 2021

  • In America the term „Hangdrum“ appears – apparently sold by a former partner of PANArt, as explained on www.panart.ch. PANArt cancels the cooperation.The term „hang“ is apparently not popular in the USA because, as described in the article „Hang – a new musical instrument – a brand – many misunderstandings“, it would refer to a large sexual organ in American English.
    Source: https://panart.ch/en/articles/hang-a-new-musical-instrument-a-brand-many-misunderstandings
  • “The instruments became commonly referred to as Hang Drums, which is still a very commonly used phrase today even though its use has been strongly discouraged by PANart.”
    Source: https://www.sarazhandpans.com/news/history-of-handpan-hang-and-pantam-drums/
  • “(…)Treating it as a drum and promoting the name Hang Drum, for instance, has created a ripple effect of misinformation that leads to damaged instruments, physical injury, and mental and emotional turbulence.(…)”
    Source. PANArt Newsletter 2009:
  • The „Hangblog“ says: „For the first time the name Hang Drum was used in 2002 by the musical instrument dealer „Lark in the morning“, which at that time sold the Hang in the USA“
    Source: https://www.hangblog.org/was-ist-eine-hang-drum/
  • “Hang Drum – A common, but improper term for the Hang.  Also known to be used as a general term for handpans.” Source: https://www.symphonicsteel.com/handpan-terms/
  • ” And many who have wandered into one of the Hang’s limited online resources, or forum, having only just stumbled across the instrument on YouTube, etc. seeking information, and having mistakenly called the Hang a ‘drum’, will have received an ear-bashing for their troubles. Usually something along the lines of: “Please do not refer to the Hang as a drum, every time you do you take one step further away from ever owning one!”Something that has led most outside of this ‘inner circle’ to refer to these types of Hang musicians as ‘Trustafarians‘, and/or ‘purists’, and usually with good reason. But here at HandPans Magazine we forgive you, because we know that if something looks like a drum, then there’s always a pretty good chance that it is one.  “
  • “We have heard that Marco Della Ratta was the first person to try building a similar instrument as early as 2002 or 2003.  Around 2007, Kyle Cox and Jim Dusin of Pantheon Steel, Luis Martin Eguiguren Garrido of Bellart, and Philippe Maignaut of Spacedrum were each trying to build similar instruments.  When more people started building these modified steel pans, PANart publicly stated that they did not want the trademarked term “Hang” or “Hang Drum” to be used for everyone’s instruments and that instead that term should be reserved only for their specific instrument.  This was at the same time as a rather significant rift on Hangblog.org, who also stated that the blog was specifically for the Hang, which was built by Panart.  Not long afterward, Handpan.org was started with the name being coined by Kyle Cox of Pantheon Steel.”
    Source: https://www.sarazhandpans.com/news/history-of-handpan-hang-and-pantam-drums/
  • “Hang drum – a non-trademarked variation of HangⓇ that should be avoided, mostly because it implies that handpans can be struck like traditional drums, which could compromise the instrument’s delicate tuning.”  Source: https://www.sarazhandpans.com/handpan-construction/styles-maker-guide/

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