Welcome to the Handpan Timeline-Project

Last Updated on 12. April 2024

  • The HANDPAN-TIMELINE is a living project and there is no claim to completeness.
  • The Timeline is an attempt to collect and structure handpanrelated sources
  • Please research yourself and doublecheck sources
  • please look for the tiniest mistake
  • what is missing in the timeline?
  • Send your input to contact@handpan-timeline.org or use the upload function (please submit desired entries in the following structure: Topic – Time [date] – Links to images, videos and sources )
  • make history transparent for yourself and others

What is crowdsourcing?

Do you know e.g. Wikipedia? Wikipedia is the most famous example of Crowdsourcing, the content is made available by a huge community, everyone can join in.

The term roots from „outsourcing“ and „crowd“ – Crowdsourcing is a way to solve complex problems with the help of many people…

How to participate as an author or editor of postings?

If you can help this project please first introduce yourself at contact@handpan-timeline.org – lets speak about your ideas and lets find a good task to start for you. There is indeed a lot of voluntary work to do and everyone has limited time to work on all the tasks.

Of Course for such a project it is also vital to have a flexible and growing core team! Such a project can never be complete or finished and a network of a trusted framily (friends/family) is vital for continue!

This project is not funded at all! – it is voluntary maintained and updated by steelsound enthusiasts – like you.

Projects Contact: contact@handpan-timeline.org