2020 - Video series about experiences with Saraz Hand Pan: “more then music”

Last Updated on 14. November 2021


Episode 2:  Interview with therapist Rob Jacoby:


“Drumming is a great way to get into peoples hearts.”… “being open emotionally”

“connect with music without being judged”

“…go with the flow instead of talking about it- thats priceless…”

“i realized it wasnt just a drum”

“It took the pressure off the therapeutic intensity ….that we talk about feelings…”
“We ask to play the emotion that they are feeling.”


Episode 4: Interview with Yogi Shelly

“I use the Saraz in so many ways in my classes.”

“The cherry on top (of soundhealing).”

“It erases their consciousness…a hyptnotic state.”


Episode 3: Kara Cura: Plant Medicine

“It is the best tool in my toolbox besides plants.”

“It allowes people to dissapear from the mind…”


Episode 1: Billy Zanski

“ts a world… A lot of people relate. ..its an ancient sort of energy…”

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