2010 - Tzeavot Handpans (Israel)

Last Updated on 13. August 2021

Tzevaot was formed in 2010 (exact date unknown)

Teddy Amkie

“(…)in collaboration with lead metal tuner David Parkin, who has practiced the art of tuning metal for over 20 years. With deep drawn shells built to stay true to the original model at PANArt, these handpans achieve the magical sound first created at PANArt.”

“(…)One of the original distributors of PANArt, Bruce Copley, a friend of Elias’, was interested in obtaining the instrument for his friends. Having worked with a tuner since 2003 on the original Hangs, Bruce listened intently to Elias’ vision of independently building handpans. Bruce then connected the team to David Parkin, Tzevaot’s highly skilled tuner to this day.”

Source: Tzeavot Website: