7. October 2020 - Thesis: „The Mir­ror Effect“ (PANArt)

Last Updated on 10. December 2021

“How do Musicians Experience Pang Composite Social Sound Sculpture Instruments as Mirrors of the Brand Hang® from PANArt”

A Dis­ser­ta­tion writ­ten by Christo­pher Baron (M.A. Music Ther­a­py)
Uni­ver­si­ty West of Eng­land, Bris­tol 07/10/2020

PANArt Article from 16 june 2021:

PDF, 36 pages

description: a study with 7 participants , including “1 Maker/Tuner”

“(…)Seven participant, cannily correlating with the number of notes on the various instruments.(…) metaphorically represent each participant as a note on a hang sound-sculpture…(…)”

“participants were identified (…) their trusted relationship with PANArt”