2015 - Thesis: 飛碟鼓與天鼓的介紹與探討

Last Updated on 25. October 2021


“Introduction and discussion of flying saucer drum and sky drum”

Zhong Yingfang, Master’s Supervisor: Wu Peijing; Wu Sishan

2015, 45 pages, dissertation

Keywords: Hang Drum ;Tank Drum

translation/description: “In view of the fact that there are currently no Chinese-related books on UFO drums and Tiangu drums Therefore, the author hopes that through this research report Able to organize and classify the styles, types, materials and characteristics of UFO drums and Tiangu drums in a systematic way Let more people learn about these two instruments, and also let learners who are interested in flying saucer drums and tian drums. Have an in-depth understanding of the instrument itself, or its historical sources, and increase the depth and breadth of performance.”