2007 - Term “Handpan”

Last Updated on 17. August 2021



  • Handpan” appears first time and is used for the “Halo” (Pantheon Steel) which wants to be considered as an alternative to the Hang.  Amercian Steelpan-Maker Kyle Cox is using the term handpan on his website.(exact date unknown)
    Source: http://www.lex.hangblog.org/de/handpan.htm 
  • “The generic term “handpan” came later in 2007″
    Source: https://www.sylvainpasliermusic.com/handpans-en
  • “Kyle Cox and Jim Dusin of Pantheon Steel named their instrument Halo, but also suggested the whole instrument family could be called handpans.”

Source: https://medium.com/the-cupolist/cupola-668066020452#.h63ftux04

  • ” Pantheon Steel’s tuner, Kyle Cox, coined the name handpan around 2007 to describe a type of steel pan that is played with the hands. This new term emerged as the moderators of HangBlog.org explained PANArt’s wishes to be the sole user of the term Hang. Soon after, Handpan.org was created to discuss and explore the new builders who were inspired by the Hang®”

  • “It is believed that the title was first coined by Kyle Cox of Pantheon Steel (makers of the Halo), back in 2007. And was Intended both as a mark of respect towards the Trinidadians (counter to Felix Rohner’s beliefs), and also as a term through which to describe the Hang-inspired instruments he was creating to potential customers, without having to use the name Hang. (With PANArt having already requested that any mention of their trade-marked name be removed from the Pantheon Steel website).”“(…)Felix Rohner (Hang maker) publicly stating (by proxy) that the “Hang is not a HandPan”. And condemning the name, as causing offence to the steel pan makers of Trinidad, and Tobago.”
  • “The commercially available musical instruments which are generally included by the term Handpan are (in the order of their appearance): Caisa, BElls, Halo, Spacedrum, and the handpan by Bali Steel Pan. Additional instruments are being built but only a small number are available.” Source, Musician Dante Bucci (R.I.P), http://dantebucci.com/bio.html
  • PANart (2016/8/16) “(…)PANArt never referred to the Hang as a handpan, since their creation had clearly stepped away from Trinidadian steelpans in terms of material, form, way of being played, as well as sound. The new term subsequently led to misunderstandings.(…)” Source: https://panart.ch/en/articles/the-sound-of-sheet-metal-a-challenge
  • Sidenote: the term “handpan” is gaining more and more acceptance worldwide in 2008