1972 - Steelpan: The CARIRI Project

Last Updated on 11. December 2021

“In 1972, the first scientific study of the characteristics of pan was initiated at the University of the West Indies (UWI) at St. Augustine, Trinidad, by Ron Dennis”

“The biggest problem observed by the tuners was the material distribution, i.e., the lack of a gradual reduction in thickness from the circumference to the center of the pressed surface.”

“the project effectively crashed in mid-1977 (…) We never patented the process because we didn’t quite complete it.”

“the price of the press, which was about TT$800,0000”

“There is a feeling in the pan fraternity that the only way or the best way to get best sound is to deform the drum by hand.” This may or may not be true.”

About Stainless Steel:

The only deficiency of stainless steel is that it is a harder material to work. (…) The better pan but at what, price,”

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