19. October 1999 - Reto Weber – the Spark that started a Handpan fire

Last Updated on 11. October 2021

Musician Reto Weber is visiting PANArt and describes an instrument, that he wishes for.

  • “Delve back through older resources and you’ll find numerous references as to the Swiss percussionist, Reto Weber, being credited as being the man who first suggested the idea of an instrument like the Hang / Handpan, to steel-instrument manufacturers PANArt. Expressing a desire for a “sounding pot in steel with some notes to play with the hands” Which is why back in 2011, we described Reto Weber, as being the ‚Spark that started a Handpan fire‘.”
    Source: https://retoweber.ch/hang/
  • To celebrate this meeting from Felix Rohner, Sabina Schärer and Reto Weber „Handpanday„- 13.October- was introduced (celebrated by the Handpan culture)