27. October 2020 - The Russian provider RAV publishes a statement

Last Updated on 16. August 2021


The Russian provider RAV publishes a statement:
“Starting from today the RAV Pans are not available for sale for an uncertain period of time for juridical reasons and the resolution of the court of Berlin.⁠ The RAV Vast tongue drums are available for sale as always.⁠
⁠The reason for the ban of the RAV Pans was a copyright lawsuit filed by PANArt alleging that the RAV Pans, have a similar shape to the Hang®, and are illegal copies.⁠ For more than 20 years, the handpan has gained more than 50 thousand fans and followers all over the world. A new musical culture grew up and brought together many people from different countries. There are more than 200 manufacturers of handpans and similar instruments in the world today, and unfortunately, most of them may be “outlawed” in the near future.⁠ Sorry to say that, but we are forced to make a decision to suspend the sale and production of instruments for an indefinite period.⁠ For our part, we will make every effort to resolve this situation as soon as possible.”

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