2020 - Podcast: Ron Kravitz talks about his years at PANArt

Last Updated on 29. July 2021

  • In this podcast (recorded 2020), Ex- PANArt distributor Ron Kravitz talks about his years at PANArt 2002- 2007:https://www.sylvainpasliermusic.com/post/panart-history-with-ron-kravitz-hang-distributorAnother source: HCU Newsletter Dez.2020Quote Ron Kravitz: „Hmm. Just backing up. I have the clear memory of them saying or remembering them saying ‘we hope someone else creates an instrument so it takes the pressure off of us’. And then these instruments came out, and I kind of remember them not being, they weren’t so happy about it because they [handpan makers] weren’t doing it how they [PANArt] were doing it. It wasn’t the same kind of material.”