2004 - Term “Pantam” appears 2004

Last Updated on 13. August 2021

  • “The term pantam increased in popularity after Victor Levinson used it to describe his own SPB instruments.   The term pantam was actually used early on by a distributor in Israel to describe the Hang®. The term is slowly gaining steam and is now commonly used by a couple of other builders including Yishama and Ayasa.”
    Source: https://www.sarazhandpans.com/handpan-construction/hang-drum-or-handpan/ 
  • “The term Pantam, already introduced in 2004 by Ziv Yehezkel in Israel (…)” (ex-distributor of PANArt).

Source: https://panart.ch/en/articles/hang-a-new-musical-instrument-a-brand-many-misunderstandings