2008 - PANArt requests written motivation letters

Last Updated on 24. August 2021

  • “When PANart moved on to crafting the Second Generation Hang and eventually the Third Generation Hang, the process of obtaining one became increasing difficult.  PANart began requesting that every prospective buyer send a hand written letter explaining their motivations and desires for purchasing the instrument.  Buyers would then wait for months and often years without a response in hopes that they would be contacted and invited to purchase a Hang in person in Bern Switzerland.”
    Source: https://www.sarazhandpans.com/news/history-of-handpan-hang-and-pantam-drums/
  • “Um in den Jahren 2008 und 2009 ein Integrale Hang zu erwerben, war es erforderlich einen Brief an PANArt zu schreiben. ” Translation with Deepl: “To purchase an Integral Hang in 2008 and 2009, it was necessary to write a letter to PANArt. “Source: http://www.hangblog.org/2006/11/27/wie-erwerbe-ich-ein-hang/
  • “(…)He (Felix Rohner) tells of the emotional outbursts of a lady whom he wanted to send away again without instruments and who came back every day over a long period of time. The hang just didn’t suit her, Rohner reports. With his instruments, he wants to lead people to more mindfulness and not fuel the trend of the time for big ego and superficiality. (…)” (DeepL Translation) Source: https://www.bonedo.de/artikel/einzelansicht/wie-ich-zu-meinem-panart-gubal-hang-kam-handpan-lotterie-mit-fuenf-jahren-wartezeit.html
  • “(…)For a while, you could write a letter of application to the Hangbauer, and if you were lucky, you were accepted and could travel to Bern to buy a hang on the spot. (…)” Deepl Translation, Source (2017) https://www.bonedo.de/artikel/einzelansicht/vergleichtest-handpans.html
  • “Politicians, neurologists, prenatal psychologists and esotericists sought contact. “Twenty thousand letters and they all talk about the same thing. They tell the story of when they first encountered the sound,” says Rohner.  (…)
    Rohner:”It’s easy to imagine their reaction when they learn they will not receive a hang. Some get frustrated, aggressive, go off the deep end, or start crying.”
    Deepl Translation, Source (2014): https://www.swissinfo.ch/ger/das-hang_lebensveraendernd–hirngespinst-oder-nur-eine-steelpan-/38538252
  • Application by letter
    Interested parties sent a letter or e-mail to PANArt Hangbau AG. However, since Sabina and Felix found the way of communicating via e-mail impersonal, they only considered letter requests. For these, the two let their gut feeling decide. If they had the impression that the interested party understood the philosophy of PANArt and that they liked the person, an invitation was sent to Switzerland. Then everyone got to know each other and the interested person could buy a “Hang”. When we asked them why it was so difficult to reach them by mail or phone until today, they only answered: “20.000 letters. That’s why.”” Translation , Source, 2016, : https://www.woman.at/a/hang-instrument
  • “Good karma and a lot of patience are the prerequisites to get your hands on a specimen from the small Bernese manufactory.” Deepl Translation , Source: https://www.78s.ch/2014/11/09/instrumentenkunde-das-hang/
  • “… each planned purchaser send a transcribed letter clarifying their inspirations and wants for buying the instrument. Purchasers would then sit tight for quite a long time and regularly years without a reaction with the expectation that they would be reached and welcome to buy a Hang face to face in Bern Switzerland. …” Source: https://www.novapans.com/how-hand-pans-are-different-from-any-other-musical-instruments/