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  • Hangmaker say collaboration between art and science is needed
    Quote from/ ISMA 2007:”HISTORY, DEVELOPMENT AND TUNING OF THE HANG” – Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer (PANArt):“The HANG is a new musical instrument. Individuals around the world appreciate it. There are two hangmakers worldwide. It is impossible to satisfy the growing demand. Further collaboration between art and science is needed to make it possible that other hangmakers may exist in the future.” (…) the HANG is the result of a marriage between art and science. Five thousand HANG players worldwide and an ever-increasing demand show the deep resonance this instrument has with individuals. As we are only two hangmakers, our interest here is to invite scientists to continue working together to better understand this phenomenon.” (…)

    “PANArt tuners developed a terminology for the tuning process. Nevertheless, it has not proven possible over the last few years to teach someone to build the HANG, and many a skilled steelpan tuner refused to collaborate.”Source: http://www.hangblog.org/panart/Paper-Hang-2007.pdf
  • Hang is adding to the science of musical instruments
    Quote from ISMA 2007 “ACOUSTICS OF THE HANG: A hand-played steel instrument” – Thomas D. Rossing, Andrew Morrison, Uwe Hansen, Felix Rohner, Sabina Schärer:“Conclusions: The HANG is a new hand-played steel instrument (…). Understanding the modes of vibration and the sound radiation from the instrument help them to do so, as well as adding to our knowledge of the science of musical instruments.”Source: http://www.hangblog.org/acoustics-of-the-hang-a-hand-played-steel-instrument/

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