1993 - PANArt: “Panyard Magazin”

Last Updated on 24. August 2021

“Panyard Magazine” –
Editors: Sabina Schärer, Markus Hochstrasser, Werner Egger
Publication by PANArt

Source: https://www.hangblog.org/publications-by-panart/


“There, in the PANYARD, the story of the Pan begins, and there also new stories arise again and again. The newspaper PANYARD should be a vessel for such stories around the Pan. For the makers the time was ripe to found the PANYARD, so that in the steel scene the communication became possible. That meant, the PANYARD was open for all ideas, dreams, projects, tales, stories, studies, which were made in the Panyards around the Pan. The intention was to give especially the young Pan players a chance to express themselves, to participate in projects, to get to know the Pan better and to actively participate in shaping the Pan culture. They also wanted to stimulate thinking through this newspaper.”

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Quelle: https://web.archive.org/web/20120422215336/http://www.panyard.pan-jumbie.com/

Note: The magazine was discontinued in 1994.