2018 - PANArt looking for patent infringements

Last Updated on 8. August 2021

At PANArt: 2018 , more attention to the steel issue and the license issue:

  • PANG material is not sold, only the license is offered. At PANArt, the opinion is now that ‚every handpan manufacturer should find his own steel‘.
  • Ayasa (very well known handpan and material seller – from Holland) gets the confirmation to be license free with their sheet metal.
    Newsletter “Ayasa” (April):  
    “Because we have also been contacted by Panart, we decided to send our material to an independent laboratory in the Netherlands who have researched the material and made a micrograph according to the method described in Panart’s patent. The results are that we do not infringe the patent. Felix has read the report and confirmed that he is happy we do not infringe his patent.”

Note from editors (july2021)
The savecopy (PDFs) of the license offering by PANArt  has been objected by Frank Sturm/PANArt and therfor habe been deleted from this Timeline.