2014 - PANArt says they left Hang and Handpan behind

Last Updated on 29. July 2021

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    In numerous correspondences in the following years PANArt credibly points out that they have now „left Hang and Handpan behind“. It is also mentioned in many publications, forums and websites.
    However, as becomes known much later, Hang(R) continue to be built unofficially during this period after 2014 and sold to chosen ones.
    – As also stated by PANArt later (it is still built“ 


  • “Twelve years have passed since (Johannes) Lustig first perceived the sounds of an original hang (…) A few years later, not only his interest but the worldwide interest had apparently increased to such an extent that from then on one had to apply with a written letter for an original hang. Johannes Lustig wrote a letter, but never sent it. (…)>>By the time I wanted to send it, it was already too late. Panart was no longer producing Hanghang.>>” (Translated)

    Source: “Zwischen zwei Halbschalen liegt eine andere Welt”, 2016, Liliane Manzanedo : https://www.derbund.ch/bern/stadt/zwischen-zwei-halbschalen-liegt-eine-andere-welt/story/11977712 (Login recquired)