2017 - PANArt Lawsuits against “Asachan” (CH) and “Hand Steel Pan” (IT)

Last Updated on 11. December 2021

  • „The increasing number of plagiarists is countered by PANArt with lawsuits against two companies, one in Italy and one in Switzerland. For the case in Switzerland, PANArt is suing “Echosoundsculpture GmbH” for copyright infringement and is going for a settlement which stipulates that the defendant must alter the design of his instrument. For the case in Italy, the lawsuit by PANArt against the company “Marrocchelli Hand Steel Pan” from Brescia prohibits the company from copying the trademarked design of the Gubal.“
    Source: https://panart.ch/en/history/the-history-of-panart
  • “Marrocchelli Hand Steel Pan” can not continue making „Gupan“ but can continue making handpans.
    Gupan is infringing the design protection of Gubal(R).
  • Echosoundsculpture GmbH (Asachan) makes changes in design (as it seems exactly according to instructions of PANArt). A sentence about PANArt is inserted on the website.

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