24. October 2014 - PANArt about their patented material Pang

Last Updated on 11. December 2021

From the license offering for „Pang“ Material:
„In order to build such a complex instrument a special material is needed. (…) Without investments in good material the art of metal sound sculpting will loose itself in meaninglessness. There is no way in continuing with this path without studies of the metallurgic dimension of instrument building.”

Source (deleted): https://panart.ch/en/articles/panarts-offer-to-the-metal-sound-sculptors


See also Dr. Achong – about the material question:

Dr. Achong writes on WST on, among other things, whether the Hang is like an „early steelpan“

See also (deleted):

Wayback (5.2.2017)


“Just as the sculptor needs high-quality stone and the painter needs vigorous pigments, the tuner needs a strong metal sheet in order to build instruments of a high quality.”

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