22. September 2020 - Open letter to the steeltuning community

Last Updated on 12. October 2021

Open letter to the steeltuning community” (PDF), published on the Facebook group “Handpan Instruments” (12k members) on September 22nd, created in cooperation with independent handpan manufacturers, originally addressed directly to Dr. Achong. Because of the passing of Dr. Achong now published without further delay and now addressed to the steeltuning community.

“However, all the arguments and questions raised remain unanswered. The formally scientific contribution is publicly torn in the air on Facebook by the semi-official PANArt spokesman Frank Sturm. Not a single argument is discussed.”  Translated with DeepL,
Source: https://pan-lab-vienna.at/timeline-panarts-klagen/

Spanish translation of the Open Letter / on www.handpan.es appears a short time later.