8/2002 - Product “New Musical Instrument” Hang

Last Updated on 11. August 2021

Waybackmachine Capture from www.hang.ch


Screenshot forbidden by PANArt



  • Hang -according to PANArt 2002- is a “product” and a “musical instrument”
  • “It was the result of many years of research on the steelpan and the study of the diverse collection of instruments from around the world: Gong, Gamelan, Ghatam, drums, bells, Singing Saw…”
  • “(…)gift from heaven” (translated) – Quelle , Capture June 17, 2002: https://web.archive.org/web/20020617213745/http://www.hang.ch/firma/team.html
  • “…A HANG represents in principle a mixture of several instruments: One can always recognize the steelpan, gamelan instruments, gongs, singing bowls or bells, at least in the sound characteristics. This instrument combines different cultures as well as rhythms, harmonies and melodies, forming a compact whole. In any case, it is a completely new kind of percussion instrument, which can be used both in a group and as a soloist and opens up completely new perspectives for every creative musician……The HANG is played with the hands, or the heel of the hand and the individual fingers. From the fingertips to the carpus, the hand is involved, and even beginners discover a variety of possibilities in this instrument after a short playing time…” (translated with Deepl)

Source: Drums & Percussion 1/2002 / Comparative Test: HANG by PANArt. New Sounds for Percussionists, 2002 Press, cited on hang.ch: https://web.archive.org/web/20020811150616/http://www.hang.ch/firma/presse.html