2013 - PANArt Book published: Hang: Sound Sculpture

Last Updated on 24. August 2021

  • In PANArt’s (2013 published) book, “Hang: Sound Sculpture”, PANArt state that: “When the first copies of the Hang appeared in 2009, we turned to patent and market attorneys at Bovard AG. We learned that we were already quite late. However, an attempt was made to protect the Hang’s design. Unsuccessfully. There was nothing to be done against the copies by BEllArt (Spain), nor those by Pantheon Steel (U.S.A)…”Quelle: http://www.hangdrumsandhandpans.com/2016/06/panart-vs-bellart-battle-for-handpan.html
  • Link to book: https://panart.ch/de/buchQuote: “Seit Jahren beschäftigen wir uns als Instrumentenbauer und Forscher mit der Frage. Ein konkretes Ergebnis dieser Arbeit ist das Hang (…)”translation with Deepl: “For years, as instrument makers and researchers, we have been dealing with the question. One concrete result of this work is the Hang (…)”

exact publishing date unknown