2008 - HAPI Drum (USA)

Last Updated on 12. October 2021

From Grahm Doe, founder of HAPI Drum


Since 2015: Handpans



Since 2008: Hapidrum


“(…)U.S. design patent and a trademark for HAPI Drum.”
Source: https://www.masterthehandpan.com/handpanmakers/hapi-drum


“The HAPI Handpans are made by me, Grahm Doe in Oakhurst, California. I got my first handpan a (PANArt Hang) as a gift (…) in 2002. At the time we organized a Didgeridoo Festival in Joshua Tree, CA. There were didgeridoos and all sorts of unique instruments represented there. A friend was helping find homes for a few of the amazing Hang from PANArt. He was working with a U.S. distributor for PANArt (the creators of Hang in Switzerland). (…)It’s amazing that new musical instruments, like the handpan, are being created from steel, an evolution of sound for the 21st century.”

Source: https://hapidrum.co/handpan-hapi-journey.aspx