16. March 2000 - PANArt Hang Presentation Munich

Last Updated on 12. January 2022

 „Hang“ presentation without patent and price for technical archievement in craftsmanship

  • „PANArt is invited to present their Pang instruments, including their latest creation, the Hang sculpture, and to demonstrate their tuning art at the special show “Exempla” at the International Crafts Fair in Munich (theme: rhythm) from March 16-22. The company is awarded the Bavarian State Prize 2000 for outstanding technical achievement in craftsmanship.“
    Source: https://panart.ch/en/history/the-history-of-panart
  • Other sources:
    “In 2000 PanArt developed a new musical instrument called “Hang”. The work of the PanArt Company has been variously recognized internationally, like winning the Bavarian state award for innovative hand-work in 2000, but the peak of Rohners work was the Hang. Because of the increasing demand of the HangHang (Plural), PanArt has discontinued to build steel pans and has since changed its name to PanArt Hangbau Inc. “ Source 2008 Article: http://www.pan-jumbie.com/history-of-the-steelpan-in-switzerland/
  • “The collaboration between physicists, metalurgists, engineers and many other specialists led to the Pang Family or the newest gag: the HANG. (…)The intensive empirical research of our instrument builders Sabina Schärer and Felix Rohner sparked an interest at the international scientific congress and in the press. In 2000 they were awarded the Bavarian State Award for their innovative work.”
    Source: Capture from Waybackmachine www.hang.ch, 2002: https://web.archive.org/web/20021014104219/http://www.hang.ch/en/firma/index.htmlSee also: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schweizer_Steelpan-Geschichte
  • “PANArt gets the Bavarian State Award 2000 (Germany) for special technical Innovation. ” Source:  http://web.archive.org/web/20020205153649/http://www.panart.ch/company_story.htm