10/2008 - Metal Sounds / First Spacedrum(R) is sold

Last Updated on 29. July 2021

Founder of Metal Sounds: Marc Guilliou – HandpanMaker since:2005



“The Spacedrum project was born in 2006 and after two years of research & development (we had to do this almost from scratch at this time) the very first Spacedrum has been officially sold on October 2008 in the Djoliba Music store of Toulouse, France. It was a A minor diatonic scale (7+1) on a 48 cm shell…” Quote was sent by Marc Guilliou from “Spacedrum”, 1.7.2021

Sidenote: Djoliba Music Store is also shown in the beginnings of PANArt Documentation “A discreet revolution”

SpacedrumⓇ – a melodic metal percussion handpan created and manufactured by the French company Metal Sounds. While SpacedrumⓇ is a trademarked product, many handpan players also refer to handpans as space drums due to their early arrival on the market. Source: https://www.sarazhandpans.com/handpan-construction/styles-maker-guide/


A early Spacedrum Video from 2010 /Nadishana