12/2013 - Lumen – Electro acoustic Handpan

Last Updated on 12. October 2021


On the subjects of the origin of the project, intellectual property and shipping progress:

“I personally started working on them in my office as a side project back in December 2013. When we started industrial design we did get a couple of intellectual property protections, yes. We’ve sent out around 120 units so far, but our next batch from the new assembly partners overseas will be 500, much of those going to the remaining crowd funding backers.”
Source of quote: Guy Munton Jackson, LUMEN july 2021

Crowdfunding via Indiegogo
“reached funding goal in just seven days” (11.4.2016)

(Video 22.6.2019)


Detailed History Timeline: https://www.lumenhandpan.com/pages/product-story

Facebook status from 2/16/2020: “By mid-December (2019), we’d shipped out most of the first two batches”

(Video 25.2.2019)