24. October 2019 - Blog-Article: The Magic of The Handpan: The Instrument For Stress-Release And Harmony

Last Updated on 24. August 2021



“Swiss people Felix Rohner and Sabrina Schärer developed the instrument to create a steeldrum that one can play with the hands. (..)The handpan uses some of the same principles as the steeldrum, an instrument popular in the Caribbean state of Trinidad and Tobago. However, handspans are modified from the steeldrum in that a steel drum has a concave shape and a handpan has a convex shape. The different form also creates a different sound. The construction of the handpan allows for a phenomenon of air resonance in the body, producing the gentle sounds of the handpan. “


” Still, up until now there are only about 100 manufacturers of the handpan in the world … “