2012 - Bellart description for BElls – capture from website in 2012

Last Updated on 27. February 2024

The BElls is a “musical instrument” derived from the “steel drum” and created by hand, sculpting and shaping the metal with hammer blows, to print a resonant and harmonic sounds determined by the craftsman, from this derives the name “sound sculpture. It is extremely harmonious, very melodic, and being handmade, no two are alike.” (wayback capture from 15.6.2012, translated with deepl)




Notice: In the Bellart description seemingly it is not referred to the originators of “Hang” /PANArt.  (Other related instruments are mentioned).


Bellart Bell Videos- from 2011

Notice: In the following documentary “Vom Hang zu Handpan” is mentioned that Bells does not want to be called a “Handpan” cause this would refer to a piece of bread in spanish.


Note: Bellart/Bells – Name of Founder: Luis Martin Eguiguren Garrido