9. November 2014 - Article (german): Instrumentenkunde: Das Hang

Last Updated on 5. August 2021


  • Some quotes translated with DeepL:“Rohner and Schärer have already produced around 7,000 units, but that is nowhere near enough to meet demand.”“After the originals by PANArt, which were originally sold for around 1500 francs, achieved prices of over 5000 francs on ebay, Rohner and Schärer imposed a ban on speculation on their customers.”

“Initially, the Hang was distributed through a select network of dealers, but soon Rohner and Schärer could no longer keep up with production, even though they were producing up to 1,000 units a year. In 2006, they decided to discontinue distribution and introduce a strict application process. From then on, only those found suitable could expect to pick up their personal copy at the Hanghaus one day.”

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