20. April 2017 - Article : Die Heiler vom Schattenhang (german)

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Aktualisiert: 20.04.2017, 10:42
Ane Hebeisen

Full article here (german):


Some Quotes (translated with deepl.com):

Title: “The healers from the shadow slope.”

“(…)A kind of addictive substance (…)”

“<<Worse than heroin,”>>  says Felix Rohner with a grin.” 

“And when Rohner talks about those who use his instrument on stage, an almost uncanny furor flares up in him. Then keywords like cocaine and porn come up.”

“<<The hang is an inner carnival. It confuses rational thinking.>>” (Rohner)

“The copies are not worth anything. People are too lazy (…)”(Rohner)

“Humming voices are rising from the Caribbean island, accusing the Bernese of stealing their national heritage. The sounding brass is not something that a Swiss can claim for himself, regardless of whether it is played on a convex or concave curve, with or without a mallet.”

“If you stop, the hammer will kill you. ” (Rohner)

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