27. July 2016 - Article: Auf diesem Instrument dürfen nur Auserwählte spielen (german)

Last Updated on 12. October 2021

“Only chosen ones are allowed to play on this instrument”

Deepl translation



“Felix and Sabina are always working on their products – but without following a fixed plan. And as chance would have it, the “Glubal” (2,900 euros) was created in 2013, replacing the original “Hang”. After further development, the “Hang Urgu” (700 euros), “Hang Gudu” (440 euros) and 3″ Pang” string instruments (between 550 and 900 euros) were added. The original “Hang” has since been discontinued. If you want to buy one of these instruments, you have to send a request. Only the “Hang Gudu” can be ordered from PanArt’s webshop.” Deepl Translation